On the first weekday of every other month, we hit the streets in 12,000 copies. The magazine is distributed free of charge on the entire south coast of Spain.

  • The magazine is handed out to advertisers, associations and and clubs, golf courses and other Scandinavian meeting places

  • E-mail: The magazine is sent as a downloadable PDF file, approx. 1 week before the release date for free to over 3,500 subscribers via email.


Varied reading material - entertaining and informative

  • We write about: Travel | History of the country | Golf Courses | Wine & Food | Cars | Mode | Health ...

  • Background articles on politics and social issues.

  • Readers are kept up to date with tax and residence rules, and they get useful tips on personal finances.


The majority of readers belong to the age group between 35 and 65, whose purchasing power is medium to high. In addition, reader surveys show that:

  • 80% live on wealth

  • 90% have their own home

  • 65% have two cars in the family

  • 75% travel at least four times a year

  • 55% play golf

Although the magazine is written in Danish, we have many Norwegian and Swedish readers.

You can download our marketing folder and prices as a pdf here